Tips when you meet the bear


A local somewhat accustomed with bears told me once that they are more like us: a man help you when need, while another keeps your way to the corner and gives you in head. So are the bears: some go on the path and stumble over tourists who stand in their way, others are defending their cubs, others are hungry and just smells salami backpack, and others simply do not like to take pictures with flash and get nervous...

So not about bears we need to talk, but about tourists and their preparation to go to areas known to be inhabited by bears.

First, you don't leave alone on the road. Then make sure you get in your luggage: flute, trumpet, fireworks, firecrackers, pepper spray, etc. Throughout, talk loud, whistle, sing, be careful to detail and bypassing if needed, areas with raspberry, herbs and shrubs tall sudden twists path - to not block his road;don't eat foods with smells that attract: steak, fish, sausages, etc., and if you see it, take it back on the known road and try to bypass the area.

Theoretically, the bear avoids humans, if has no reason to attack mentioned above, or if not sick.

Basically, if you still wake up with it in the face, trying to get back without sudden movements and get rid of him without losing his look, without're staring into his eyes, keep your backpack in front as a shield and speak calmly, sing, say something, until you manage to pull spray, firecrackers, anything, but without making the dead or to run, stuff that attract him more. If it submit to you, throw him all food, firecrackers, scream, whistle, give him with spray in nose of the jet 5 meters long, defend yourself with backpack.

Screams can bring help from tourists in nearby, but better safe don't leave on road alone and unprepared.

Have a nice trip and beautiful journeys!

The bear with cub
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