Chalets and refuges in Fagaras Mountains

The chalets and refuges are not uniformly placed, because more tourists affluence on the north side, most spectacular and easier ways to reach the ridge of Olt Country. For example, on the southern slope are fewer chalets than on the north, for population centers in the south are too far away from the ridge and no convenient ways of arriving there are no in massive in this part.

After building Vidraru dam and hydropower from Capataneni with formation of the accumulation lake reaching valley mouth Cumpana, and building Tranafagarasan road linking the southern areas of the north, it began also increased tourist traffic in the south.

Chalets northern slope

Sambata Touristic Complex from Fagaras Mountains

Sambata Touristic Complex is located at 690 meters altitude in Sambata Valley ,at the union of mountain with Fagaras Depression. Here you can reach from DN 1 Fagaras - Sibiu, on the modernized road from Sambata de Jos, 15 km, and from Victoria city, on the forest road of 11 km from the foothills.

Alongside complex is an apple orchard in the middle of which is Sambata Monastery, founded by Constantin Brancoveanu in 1785.

Sambata Valley Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Sambata Valley Chalet at an altitude of 1401 meters is the starting point in the Bandea - Gălășescu, but also the end of the road crossing Fagaras ridge. Price: 25 lei / person (in 2015). Summer can put tents here, the chalet is easily accessible from the Land of Olt, coming from Sambata touristic complex. Winter is practicing skiing until late spring.
Phone chalet: 0731-340-914

Arpas chalet is at 600 meters altitude and it is called Fata Padurii (Girl Forest), located in a clearing on the right bank of Arpasului Valley. It can be used as the departure basis to trails from Muchia Taratei, Arpas and podragu valleys, to Turnuri and Podragu chalets. It is easily accessible from Arpasu de Sus commune, 9 km road on red triangle mark and from Victoria city, 7.5 km forest road. Attention: the chalet is dilapidated!!

Turnuri Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Turnuri Chalet is at 1,520 meters altitude, on Podragu Valley, a plateau at the edge of the forest, bordered to the west of Turnurile Podragului and to the east of Muchia Taratei. Price: 30 lei / person (in 2015). Here you can reach either from Arpas Chalet by Arpasului Valley and Podragului Valley , on trail 18, or from Victoria city, over Boldanu or Muchia Taratei, on trails 16 and 17.
Phone chalet: 0734-375-882, 0752-599-211, 0721-052-128.

Podragu Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Podragu Chalet is at 2136 meters altitude, near the main ridge, in Podragu glacial bucket and near the lake. It is open from 15 June to 15 October, and the price is 40 lei / person (in 2015). It be reached from Arpasul Mare and Podragul valleys, on trail 18, and from Victoria city over Muchia Taratei, on trails 16-17, bucket Podragului is a great place for skiing in winter and spring.
Phone chalet: 0745-319-766, 0740-041-766.

Balea Waterfall (Cascada) Hotel from Fagaras Mountains

Balea Waterfall (Cascada) Hotel it is to 1234 meters altitude, on DN 7 C at km 131, ie 21 km from DN1 and 113 km away from Curtea de Arges. The hotel is in a glade downstream of Balea Waterfall, and a cablecar make transport to Balea Lake chalet. See here accommodation prices.
Phone hotel: 0269-211-703, 0269-524-255, 0269-524-390, 0724-244-463.

Balea Lake Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Balea Lake Chalet is at 2.034 meters altitude, near km 117 on DN 7 C, at 35 km from DN1 and 79 km away from Curtea de Arges. This chalet is located on a peninsula in glacial bucket from the middle of largest lake in Fagaras, making access here with a cablecar throughout the year, but also with car in summer time. From here it goes the ridge trails. The snow stays until late May, and in Balea bucket also is found Paltinu Chalet, with special operating mode. See here accommodation prices. Phone chalet: 0745-072-602, 0745-084-592.

Negoiu Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Negoiu Chalet is at 1546 meters altitude on the northern slope of Fagaras, on foot of Mount Serbota. Price: 30 lei / person (in 2015). From here it goes to Scara – Serbota – Negoiu zone. Marked tourist trails lead over the main ridge line, with the possibility of excursions in circuit, chalet is a resting place in doing the ridge.
Phone chalet: 0744-573-875; for transportation to the Career of any railway CFR station call at 0730-008-315 Octavian Carstea from Porumbacu de Sus.

Poiana Neamtului Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Poiana Neamtului Chalet is at 706 meters altitude, at the end of Avrig dirt road along the Raul Mare Valley, is open all year. Price: 40 lei / person (in 2015). On the red cross mark goes from Poiana Neamtului to Barcaciu Chalet and then to the ridge on trails 36, 38 and 39.
Phone chalet: 0788-592-600, 0269-523-261.

Barcaciu Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Barcaciu Chalet is at 1550 meters altitude, on foot of Barcaciu Mount, it has water from the spring and is open all year. Price: 30 lei / persn (in 2015). The markings lead to Negoiu Chalet on trail 37, towards the main ridge on trail 38 and to Avrig Lake on trail 39.
Phone chalet: 0740-059-805, 0744-858-140.

Suru Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Suru Chalet is located at 1450 meters altitude, on Culmea Moasei right next to the woods. Price: 30 lei / person (in 2015). It is a starting place in Suru - Gavanu - Tataru zone, to ridge, and winter is a good place for skiing. Caldarea Gavan is dangerous in winter due to avalanches.
Phone chalet: 0746-652-135.

Urlea Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Urlea Chalet is at 1533 meters altitude, in glade Curmatura Coltilor, on the ridge Musuletii, with Pojorta Valley to the east and Brescioarei Valley to west, being the easternmost chalet in Fagaras. There are picturesque surroundings, especially Coltii Brezei, and equally attractive Lake Urlea and trail ridge. It be reached here from Land of Olt, the village Breaza - on trails 2, 3 and 4. Attention: the chalet is dilapidated!! It has no doors, windows and the roof and walls are destroyed, can not sleep in it.

Chalets southern slope

Valea cu Pești Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Valea cu Pești Chalet is located at 950 meters altitude, on DN 7 C. Price: 230 lei / person (in 2015). At 12 km from ITA bus station on the route Curtea de Arges - Capataneni, 9.2 km from Vidraru dam on the eastern shore, far enough away from marked trails.
Phone chalet: 0248-721-070.

Cumpana Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Cumpana Chalet is located at 920 meters altitude, on the western shore of Vidraru Lake, at 18 km from ITA bus station of Curtea de Arges - Capataneni, at 15 km from the lake dam, it has camping site and summer cottages. Price: 125 lei / person (in 2015).
Phone chalet: 0248-721-451.

Piscul Negru Pastoral Canton is at 1340 meters altitude, beside 103.1 km on DN 7 C, without tourist destination.

Capra Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Capra Chalet is at 1500 meters altitude on DN 7 C, at km 108, permanently open. Price: 160 lei / person (in 2015).
Phone chalet: 0752-222-075.

Plaiul Foii Chalet from Fagaras Mountains

Plaiul Foii Chalet is at 849 meters altitude, on 13 km of Zarnesti, on the shores of Barsa Mare. Price: 60 lei / person (in 2015). Phone chalet: 0722-357-741.


Vistea Mare Refuge from Fagaras Mountains

Vistea Mare Refuge is at the highest altitude, at 2310 m, at E of Portița Viștei, between Vistea Mare Peak of 2530 m and Galbenele Peak of 2456 m. It has a capacity of 10-15 sleeping places. GPS coordinates: N 45.3618 - 24.4444 E. The nearest water source is 10 to 15 minutes downstream, in Lacul Vestic Valea Rea/Lacul Triunghiular zone.

Fereastra Mică a Sâmbetei Refuge from Fagaras Mountains

Fereastra Mică a Sâmbetei Refuge - Cheia Bândei is located at 2200 m altitude, between the eastern Peak of Galasescul Mic and Slănina Peak, near the main ridge. The nearest water source is 5 minutes downstream, on the southern side. It has a capacity of 20 sleeping places.

Refuge from Berevoescu Mountain from Fagaras Mountains

Refuge from Berevoescu Mountain is at 2190 meters altitude, near the Berivoiu Mare Peak, at 400 meters away from the ridge road, with pillars marking up close, is metallic and has 24 sleeping places.

Refuge from Curmatura Zarnei from Fagaras Mountains

Refuge from Curmatura Zarnei, at 1923 meters altitude, on the main ridge, at 3½ hours from Fereastra Mare a Sambetei and 3 hours of Urlea Chalet. It has a capacity of 12 bunk beds, being very agglomerated in summer. The nearest water source is at 10-15 minutes behind the refuge.

Caltun Refuge from Fagaras Mountains

Caltun Refuge is at 2175 meters altitude, beside Caltun Lake, on the ridge mark Negoiu - Balea. It has a seating capacity of 22 tourists and 4 mountain rescuers and from the ridge road to refuge are 50 meters on marked with red dot. Caltun Refuge is the most beautiful refuge in Romania, and the highest in Europe, eco restored in 2014.

Panoramic view with Negoiu Chalet from Fagaras Mountains
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