Ski slopes of Fagaras Mountains

In Fagaras Mountains can practice skiing thanks to generous coating of snow and of the slopes from housed valleys. On Balea Valley is a cablecar, which is only improvement in the area. At Urlea Chalet, at 1533 meters, it is skiing in Curmătura Colților and in the highest area it is recommended Șleaul Mușuleții, to one hour and a half from cottage.

On Valley Sâmbăta, at 1401-1700 m, upstream of the cottage, you can ski without danger, along the valley or on the slope of Sâmbăta Edge. In Spring can ski in Căldările Sâmbetei, if the snow is stable, but there are avalanches in winter.

Best ski terrain is Căldarea Superioară of Podragului, near the chalet. Located at 2136 meters, Podragu Chalet is a good choice for winter holidays. Good snow allows the lowering to Turnuri Chalet, at 750 meters. Exiting the main ridge is dangerous, is desirable knowing region and avoiding avalanches.

Bâlea Valley is searched by skiers for cablecar and chalet from bucket Bâlea, at 2027 meters. Here is skiing on slope under Șaua Caprei and under Curmătura Bâlei, and advanced skiers balls down the Bâlea valley, but from walterfall down is dangerous due to excavation material from Transfăgărășan, walking with foot to station of the cablecar.

Doamna Valley is a very good ski area. from the Bâlea Lake Chalet in Vatra Doamnei is reach by climbing in Curmătura Bâlei, and from here is going down on Doamna Valley. From the upper limit of the forest is going on foot to the Hotel Bâlea Waterfall.

Negoiu Chalet, at 1546 meters, has ski slopes in buckets near șerbota and Porumbăcelul area, winter being a great danger of avalanches.

Bărcaciu Chalet, at 1550 meters, has a ski slope and in spring is skiing in Căldarea Porumbăcelului.

Suru Chalet, at 1450 meters has Culmea Moașei for ski, and Căldarea Găvanului, where avalanches have serious consequences.

Capra Chalet, at 1500 meters, has ski slopes on Fundul Caprei Valley and on the western slope of Mușețeica Peak – Râiosu. In winter is danger of avalanches in the upper valley of Fundul Caprei.

Ski slopes of Fagaras Mountains
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