Trail Sebes Village - below Comisu Peak, through Sebes Valley

Time map 5 - 6 hours

The route starts from the village Sebes on tourist marking which goes 14.6 km of forest road to south, on Sebes Valley, climbs along the valley to the peaks of Buzduganu (2176 meters) and Berivoiu Mare (2300 meters) on the main ridge,having on west Grecului Peak , Plaiul Mamului or Omului and Plesei edge continued with Scoarta Mount, and on east Vacaria Mica Mount or Vacarea Mica, on right ascent is situated Sebes Valley with waters of Cuciulatei Valley and a forest road side, and near the point where they join the waters there a forest district. After 10 km reach to Fantanele forest cottage, where a secondary road leaves to valley. At 200 meters above the bifurcation is Secuiu forest cottage at 840 meters altitude. From here you climb on Sebes Valley 4.4 km from pole indicator, situated at 1025 meters altitude, on left crosses the valley and it goes on secondary forest road Groapele Valley, from where detached at right marked paths to Piciorul Groapelor. Benchmarks are difficult to be found because of deforestation, recommended being the path of the second upstream, after 400 meters on the road on Valley Groapele, then we leave the road and climb through the underbrush to a hut abandoned, from where the trail goes right with mark on coastal slope. After 20 minutes we reach at 1300 meters on watershed line of Piciorului Groapei, then mark leads us up into a clearing at 1350 meters, after which the road leads through the woods on one side to another. At the altitude of 1460 meters we find a fountain from where we go little down, then climb diagonally to the right, cross a meadow bordered by a forest of spruce up the view of the main ridge of the Fagaras Mountains.

To the left on guideboard we go again in the woods, on the edge of a stream, then the forest is grubbed, with young plantations and scrublands. We pass through a forest and reach the eastern slope of the Piciorului Groapelor, then deforested areas, juniper trees and blueberry, descend on Porcul Lake on area of 340 sqm, continue through the glades and forests 15 minutes and reach the junction of Mount Vacaria and Fagaras ridge, at 1720 meters. At 20 meters to the left is the red dot marking which descends to Rudăriţa and Plaiul Foii cottage, on trail 65.

We continue with two signs and reach to guideboard which signals a spring at 300 meters, 1775 meters altitude, above the Curmăturii Comisului, just below the peak.

    Trails link:
  • Curmătura Lerescului Mic, down to the left, linked to Plaiul Foii Chalet, on ridge route, stage VIII;
  • Curmătura Zârnei, climb to the right, linked to cottage Urlea on the east-west ridge route, stage II.

Trail Sebes Village, below Comisu Peak, through Sebes Valley
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