How I discovered the mountain

I used to go every year to the mountain and spent 10 days in a rest house with 3 meals per day paid blanket lying on the grass behind the complex of accommodation, where 20 children were playing volleyball screaming loudly and occasionally slamming me by a ball in the head. In the evening I went for a beer at terrace and a dance, then I was deep sleeping because of hard mountain air.

One day, I don't know who from the group had the idea to climb the mountain, to a chalet. Hooray! We cried out all. I was with heeled sandals, but I said it's not problem. And I had a hooded coat in case it rains... I climbed the trail through the woods until evening came, too much to be able to return just when we found that there wasn't the chalet anymore, or we wrong the trail. Then someone said that there is one more above, we only need to climb a little, it's easier to go up than down, we get faster... And we continued to climb and the road was increasingly difficult, night come and cold, and when the forest was over, we reached a narrow belt which surrounder the mountain, on which the snow started to deposit and first in the group should do trailhead. I was still in heeled sandals. But I kept going until I could not, just to make one step no more. The next to me understood and stopped all thread, which anyway could not pass me being no held, and he gave me a lemon telling me to eat it like an apple. I looked surprised: how to eat the lemon without knife and sugar? Then I bit from it, and I felt nothing, so I went without me wonder of anything else.

I don't know how I kept going, nor how I felt or what I was thinking, I went again and again, just knowing that I can't stop. When we arrived at the chalet it was midnight and some hikers gathered around the fire looked surprised at my sandals with heels, while cabanier brought us hot tea. We slept on mattresses, clothes still wet and swollen and bruised legs. The next day we went down and reaching down, we looked at the mountain that sudden look different, like we never seen it before.

I loved the mountain that night, I got the coolest hiking equipment, and without telling anyone, I hated all my life heeled sandals...

Article written by Ana

Ana at mountain

Note: This material was received from Ana for the section "Articles from readers" .

Article published by (20 June 2015)

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