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Questions with 3D answers

We present you a series of stereograms, like a pleasant and helpful relaxation exercise, a result of which you will learn new or different details about various points of interest related to the Fagaras Mountains: Transfagarasan, the highest peaks of this mountain range, the route of the cable car Balea - Waterfall, etc.

Accept the challenge and read responses from stereograms.

  • What is the length of Transfagarasan? See details here.
Transfagarasan 3D

  • What is the highest peak in Fagaras Mountain? See details here.
Moldoveanu 3D

  • What is the length of the path traveled by Balea Lake - Balea Waterfall Cablecar? See details here.
Telecabina 3D

  • In the end we wish you:
Bon Voyage !
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