Mysterious Pyramids in Fagaras

Placed in two rows and 20-30 meters high, miraculous pyramids guard a kilometer long terrace near the village of Sona, situated on the left bank of the river Olt. They are found beyond Olt at a distance of about 40 km from Fagaras Mountains.

Why are miraculous? Because besides their strange appearance, many more things happen there and people marvel. For example, no one understands how and why water has curative properties, the meat placed around near fall outside rotting and left around objects buried there alone... Even researchers and specialists say that there would be the tomb of Decebalus, the place being exactly on top of a right triangle whose sides unite Omu Peak - Dacian sanctuary sacred and symbol from Racos.

Popular legends speak of giants who went Olt coming from Fagaras Mountains, then shook their boots, left behind these huge mounds of mud, or about Turkish which shook Turkish earth from turbans.

There came also researchers from Bessarabia and found pottery from Bronze Age, older than a thousand years.

Locals call them "guruieți" and being - another oddity - that foxes holes does't have earth pulled out, but rolled in, as they exist in a vid, it is believed that mysterious pyramids hiding something from ages, may treasures Dacian, may graves, or who knows what secrets long buried in forgotten times...

Article written by (22 January 2015)

Mysterious Pyramids in Făgăraș
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