Where does the name of Moldoveanu Peak come from

We know today that the name Fagaras Mountains derives from Hungarian linguists although opinions are divided, on the one hand there is the word "fogor" - partridge, and on the other hand, more joke more seriously, is under discussion the expression "fa-garas', ie money from wood, which has its origin in the tradition of the eighteenth century when workers received their labor in exchange for some tickets, evidence of wood, which they then exchanged for cash.

Lying 70 km east-west and 45 km north-south Fagaras Mountains is like a huge backbone, with north-facing steep peaks, and the slow line to south. The highest peak of his is Moldoveanu Peak, 2544 m, which is also the highest peak in Romanias mountain. Regarding the name of this spectacular and lofty mountain peak, it is known that he was named after the nickname shepherd who leased it in a hundred years ago, back when just climb these mountains were shepherds: Moldoveanu. Moreover, almost all the names of the mountains remained nicknames shepherds, the only ones who climbes them at the time.

However, other linguists assume at the origin of the name Molda dog, after which it was named also Moldova.

About the strange names of the mountains we will speak, and the pleasure of climbing and crossing their paths will always be wonderful, as it should be and our concern to preserve and leave offspring natural beauty intact, great and impressive.

Article written by (22 January 2015)

Moldoveanu Peak Legend
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